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Thread: BABz Removal Tool & Plugs

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    BABz Removal Tool & Plugs

    Hey everyone! Just a quick heads up. If you ordered BABz before we were offering the plug removal tool, let me know (preferably via email I’ll send you the tool and some extra plugs free of charge. All new BABz orders come with 1 extra plug and 1 tool per BABz.

    EDIT: Also wanted to share a quick tip. I like to clip or tie my personal BABz up on top of the bimini when I won’t be cruising at high speeds. They are light enough to sit up there no problem. If you have surf pockets like I do, the clips for boards makes it even easier. May look a little funny. But it works! I always do this when we've been at Devil's Cove and are going less than a mile to get home.
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