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Thread: R22 noise

  1. R22 noise

    Hi Everyone I'm new to owning an inboard (R22) just wondering if the whine from the transmission/engine is normal. It's not supercharged. And only 5.6 hours on it. Do I need to break it in more?

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    Because of gear cut they are a bit noisy. Even noisier in reverse. Your supercharger also makes a whine as well. Without having a good video or being able to hear it's all conjecture. I'm betting you are fine. Other way to look at is you have at least a 5 year warranty(maybe 7 depending on when you bought). Load that sucker up and push it hard. You will find out if it's a problem

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    My 2016 R22 transmission is very noticeable after I added the FAE exhaust. Seems like normal mechanical noise though. Seems more like a design thing than something to worry about.


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