I’ll probably be dragging to the dealer, which I’m sure is an awesome time of year to be trying to get work ! But thought I would ask here first, as I haven’t had any problems with my plates yet.

Got out for the first weekend on the water, and had problems cleaning up my surf wake, which I never have before. I probably should have taken pics, but I didn’t think about it, at the time. Saturday, all our regular riders rode, switched to goofy, for me, and the wave wouldn’t form, pure wash, gave up and jumped on a wakeboard, at least it was only me. Yesterday, rode both sides, all good, booze cruised for a bit, refilled ballast, for a regular rider, and it was all wash.. just dumped all the weight on the right side, and listed it for him, and got a little bit of a wave for him, although it was still pretty washed.

I tried to look at the actuator movement in dealer mode, real quick, on the ramp, but didn’t really know what I was doing. Hit “surf=“ and “left” and “right”, and the guy looking at the plates said only the center was moving.

Any thoughts? Do those actuators go out intermittently? Can one bad actuator cause both sides to screw up, since they work against each other, I’m guessing both didn’t fail the same weekend, but I’m kind of puzzled. Is there something I should be looking at besides those??

Thanks for any help fellas!!!

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