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    Marine Power 350 in '06 21i. While replacing raw water pump, checked out coolant hoses. The thermostat to circ pump molded pump hose is "crunchy" and has a bunch of black crap in it. I can only find a metal replacement. OEM part# is 845040, I think. Anybody have a source for a replacement? Or the ID size? (already wrapped the boat up, save me 15 min)

    Found a Sierra 18-71337 with 1 3/4" ID, looks right, but I'll have to measure.

    Never mind, found it Inboard Online, in case you're in the same boat.
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  2. #2 may be your best bet to ensure you get the correct part.
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  3. OK, thanks

  4. Follow on, all of the marine parts websites are really lacking in info on thermostats and gaskets as far as application. Most have Sierra part number, and scraps of info. I know I need a 160 degree thermostat, and I know what the gasket looks like, but having a hard time finding a part number for either, or even a "this part fits..."

    Anybody with part # for thermostat or gasket? I get MP 515400 or 515411, the sites occasionally supply temperature opening, but not where I need it.
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  6. Thanks Lee, but that page is one of the ones I was commenting on. No gasket info, and when you designate thermostat, 5.7 can't be selected. No worries, found both parts, but these marine parts pages are weak on info.


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