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Thread: Acme 1235 prop for sale

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    Acme 1235 prop for sale

    Excellent condition, less than 100 hours on it.

    $350 + shipping.
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    What boat did u have this on

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    Depending on your elevation that prop is a beast. I’m in Denver and boat as high as 7500’ with my 22VE fully loaded with people and ballast without issue. My boy has an RZ2 with a different engine and drive and it’s the same for him. Another buddy has a Z3 with surf XL ballast and it was great in Denver but slightly lacking the bottom end at 7500’. He opted for a 2419 at high elevations and the 1235 at lower elevations.
    If you’re below 5000’ it’ll perform awesome on sub 23’ boats.

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    I’m looking at either a 1235 or a 1273, only difference seems to be the cup, I’m well below that elevation and I have a z1

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