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Thread: Blue Sea Switch 6011

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    Blue Sea Switch 6011

    Curious if anyone has experienced a switch failure where the plastic and copper cracked? At the end of the season in Oct 2018, I installed a new ACR and wired to the original switch. (I did NOT over torque the nuts on the studs).

    I temp zip tied the switch up for a water test this spring.

    5 months later, today I checked on the boat I noticed the switch knob on the storage compartment floor. Looks like the switch cracked this winter in the garage.
    After doing some research, sounds like Blue Sea has experienced some problems on earlier production switches.

    I have a 2016 Z1.

    I am confident Tige and Blue Sea will replace the cracked switch with the newer switch. Lee @ Tige and my dealer are taking care of me. Just curious if anyone has experienced a similar problem?
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    Ive not experienced with any of mine, but there have been a small number failures noted on planet nauty. After talking with a guy at blue sea, the feeling is the low strand count stiff cabling and lack of strain relief. If Tige does not send you one, which im sure they will, contact blue sea.
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