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Thread: Rev 8 vs Rev 10

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    Rev 8 vs Rev 10

    I know this has been debated before but for posterity sake let me bring it up one more time. We surf 70% of the time, tube 20% of the time and wakeboard 10% of the time. If a guy were to be looking at a single pair of tower speakers are the Rev8's worth considering or should I just go straight to the Rev10's?

    As for powering them, I have an HTX-1 driving a 12" Revo FA, I have an HTX-6 powering 6 inboats. I plan on getting the Wetsounds HU as well. Should I add a third amp or would there be a way to power a set of tower speakers off the existing amps? If I DO need a third amp, would the HTX-2 be a decent choice for 1 pair of towers?

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    Given the small price difference between the rev-8 and rev-10, its almost a no-brainer to to go with the rev-10. Sound wise, the larger rev-10 is going to deliver deeper mid-bass and naturally more output then the rev-8 EVEN if powered with the same amp wattage. Surface area rules.

    Yes, you need an amp dedicated amp for them. An HTX-2 for each would be pretty good, but not one for a pair. HTX-4 at an absolute minimum. Syn-DX4 is more ideal.
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