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Thread: Clamping rack questions

  1. Clamping rack questions

    tige rack.jpg


    I have just purchased these clamps and am planning on machining the rest of the mounts myself (I have access to some metal working tools)..

    1) Are these from a modern rack or an older one and does anyone have photos from an older rack if these are from that? Anyone have some of the missing pieces?
    2) I plan to use them to hold wakesurf boards and have read that these may not be the best for that. I am thinking of minimizing the pressure points first by having the racks mount vertical instead of horizontal and then replacing the rubber with thicker eva foam...

    Thoughts and or other constructive suggestions?

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    Those definitely aren’t the current ptm ones. Not sure if they’re the first gen or one of the previous versions found on Mastercraft.

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    Those are ones from a mid 2000 MasterCraft.

  4. Thank you both. I was able to find photos of what they look like assembled in a rack.

    Any thoughts on using them vertically for wake surf boards?


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