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Thread: Ballast thru hull, On the floor or on the transom?

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    Ballast thru hull, On the floor or on the transom?

    WHich do you prefer and why? Most installs I see have them going through the floor near the v drive but have heard of people using the transom near the drain plug. WHat are your thoughts?

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    I prefer transom for aerator style, since I can prime them by putting the boat in reverse. If you want to fill while underway transom doesn't work. Most people will say near the v-drive. Cheers!

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    I'd say most also go with near the v-drive only because of access to the floor being easier and better working space. Depending on where you put them you just have to watch the floor level so you stay underneath. The other thing to watch is that you don't mount the pumps in a way that they potentially air lock and lastly fitting is one thing....getting wrenches on the fittings to tighten them down with enough room is the other challenge.

    Be mindful of your transducer when looking at locations. Some people have noted inaccurate readings because the thru-hull is in line with the transducer disturbing the water flow.
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    Im pretty much strictly an impeller pump guy though occasionally do aerators so location/pump orientation isnt quite as critical. That being said I like near the Vdrive because I include ball valves on every install, just in case something breaks and you need to stop water coming in, or need to do service on the water. With ball valves at the transom they are hard to access. Easier to shut them off in a pinch when they are next to the vdrive.


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