Hey guys, had a hard time searching for anything specific on this. I have a Westland now (Not sunbrella material, something much thinner) that has ripped and my canvas guy says it's shot. Cool.

Looking around, I could get a custom one made for a ton of money. Westland and Carver both have a Sunbrella one for my 22VE w/ E Tower, and the Carver you can get much more cost-effectively (I think). Both show the same build material and color choices (9.25oz Sunbrella).

Question: My westland fits like a glove. Does anyone have a carver for the stock tower? Does it fit similarly? Does it use a ratchet system like the Westland.

Thanks. Sorry for the repeat.. If anyone wants to help me figure out how to search for a specific query ("Carver Boat Cover" vs "Carver+Boat+Cover") let me know