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Thread: Bimini tops

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    Bimini tops

    I'm looking to add a Bimini top on my tower this winter. I'd like to do an over the top canopy with wakesurf board storage. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Check out Sewlong out of Utah. I purchased a bimini top just like you want for 21 Supra a couple of years ago. It worked great. Not to hard to put install and the company support was rock solid. If they don't have a bimini listed call and talk with them. They had made one in the past for the boat I had, the owner actually went down to a local dealer who had the same boat for sale and measured it to make sure it would fit. Really can't say enough about it.

  3. I second Sewlong (Custom Covers) as well. Great people that put out a great product. What kind of boat and tower?


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