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Thread: 2008 22ve Wakeboarding setup

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    2008 22ve Wakeboarding setup

    I want to take my brother out wakeboarding this Spring.

    What is a good weight setup, speed, taps for an average rider? I have bags to use if needed.

    thank you

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    Depends on his experience. If he is a beginner, about 19-20 will work well. No extra weight is probably best. If you do use ballast, place it evenly in the bow and stern.

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    I would consider myself above average rider, can do some spins and inverts, far from a pro but have been waking behind 07-08 22VE and a 2009 rz2 for years. I feel like the 22ve wake is horrible below 21 mph. There is quite a bit of wash at slower speeds but it will clean up nicely with a little more speed. I ride a 70’ line at 22.2-22.5 load dependent, TAPS at 5-6 and have about 300 lbs in the bow bag and about 150 in each rear bag with usually 3-5 passsengers. The wake is pretty decent with just passenger weight if you want a smaller wake. The 22VE put out a great shape wake and can be tuned nicely with addition of weight but they like the weight in the bow and they won’t clean up at slower speeds.

  4. Nice tips, thanks.

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    2012 22ve- old boat. factory sacs in the front. rear was factory hard tanks on each side and on the drivers side- factory upper bag. passenger side had one of MLA's upgraded enzo sacs. would fill driver side full and passenger enzo until boat felt level and wake wash was gone.

    I had a couple of good riders that threw inverts ride it at this setup and had no issues landing way out into the flats and inverts came easy for them.

    I felt that it was more about passenger movement and ensuring as a driver you are watching the wake and adjusting the taps plate or moving a passenger until wash is gone. once it's gone boat will ride good all day with that setup.
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    I was about the same as above when I wakeboarded more. Front about half full. 250 hard tanks full and both 400's on each side full. with a few people in the boat and a full -er tank of gas the boat put out a great wake. The issue was more with the 537 prop struggling to get the boat on plain as it took a while. Once I upgraded to a 1235 the boat didn't have an issue.
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