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I agree. This was the first trip with the gsa tabs and its a huge difference. I took all of the lead out just to see what it would be like with just the PnP in the rear. I'll add the lead back in on our next trip. Hopefully Tige will offer the bow PnP soon. I would rather run water than lead for towing purposes. Do you know how much the bow PnP adds?
Yeah bow PnP is an option on all 2020 ZX line boats from what I understand. I believe the dealer told us and extra 300 pounds per side plus the subfloor ballast. There is not a bow right/bow left option just bow option so it always fills both sides. We calculated the ballast out and it was around 4700 pounds. I have 250 pounds of lead sitting in my dock locker don't really see a need for it in this boat. May put a little in the front to see if we can clean up the wakeboarding wake.