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Thread: TT Software Help

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    TT Software Help

    Little help here as my dealer looks into this issue.
    I got my new TT screen in the mail today.
    It appears to be working until I realize it does not recognize (turn on) my Polk Audio.
    I enabled the Z1 model and enabled AVX. The AVX ICON button does not appear on the bottom menu bar as it did on my old TT. It is on a "third swipe screen". Is this the new way of finding the AVX?

    I believe the software version is wrong. I think I need a different software version; not the one that came pre-flash installed.
    I have an early year 2016 Z1 with AVX.

    See 2 screen shots of the 2 displays.
    Does anyone have the zip file of this version I am looking for?
    I think I need: 8-26-2015 2.7.10531


    The new screen came with: 10-8-2015 2.7.10491


    Any ideas? My email is
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