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Thread: New system and need amp help!

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    New system and need amp help!

    I am waiting on reply from mike but also figured I would get the groups opinion. I am trying to take advantage of the Black Friday sale. I have settled on 6 Revo6 in boats, two rev10 and one 10” sub. What is the best way to power this setup? I was thinking two sd2 and sd6 but would prefer to save money where I can. Let me know what you guys think.

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    I would upgrade to the Revo-12 if you are making a change. Either the 12FA for a small amount modification, or the 12HP, which will involve a custom enclosure to be built. The cost difference between the 10 and 12 is small, compared to the gains in the extra surface area.

    Single pair of rev-10 = Syn-DX4

    3 pair revo-6 and 4 ohm woofer, you could go with a single Syn-DX6 or you could go with a 2nd Syn-DX4 for the in-boats and either a Syn-DX2 (4 ohm HP) or HTX-1 (2 ohm FA) for the woofer for a little better tuning control.
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    I put a 5 channel Kicker in my boat- sounds great- tons of power!


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