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Thread: 2008 22ve Automating Ballast

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    2008 22ve Automating Ballast

    We added a couple rear locker and a front bow fly high sacs this past summer. Now looking at options for automating. Any good posts to review that might walk me through the design and finished project. Thanks in advance.

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    Theres 2-3 members here at least, that have documented their installation of our custom ballast system.
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    Thanks I seem to recall reading some of the details when we were just thinking about adding the sacs but can't seem to find the posts now.

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    U can search my posts I did the rears. Parts from mla

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    First - MLA is the man. He has the stuff and can really provide the detailed support for any issues.

    Here is my thread on my ballast project

    I have a 2008 22Ve and I added MLA custom rear sacs and automated with rule 1100 GPH aerator pumps. If you do not have the factory ballast you will have a simplier project. No need to relocate batteries, blower and taps pump. No need to build new compartment walls - but you should definitely reinforce them. So here is the quick outline
    1 - choose Aerator or impeller pumps - I went with aerator - 2 per sac vs. 1 impeller, cost is close, more plumbing with aerator, Aerator fills and drains slightly faster
    2 - Fill pumps are mounted to dedicated through hull fittings with bronze ball valves in the bilge - space it tight, make sure your ball valve handle has space to open and cloase, pumps and hose routing to avoit places to trap air (constant slope). I have has no issues with pump priming.
    3 - Drain pumps mount in the drain line as close to the sac as possible - I connected the drain line to the vent line with a "T" fitting and a check valve and ran the vent/drain line out to the opposite side of the boat to keep that opening above the height of the water in the full sac - prevents passive draining
    4 - Created a new power circuit in the power panel / breaker box under the helm to power the pumps. It required diodes attached in the back of the switches to make the lights function - Skippabcool has a great ballast thread with the details on wiring the switrches.

    I have been very happy with my system and the boat makes a great surf wave.

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    Here’s a link to my build out on my 2007 22VE. I chose to use reversible pumps instead of aerators.

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    Thanks kindly guys will definately give them a read.

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