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Thread: 2001 Tige 22i riders edition

  1. 2001 Tige 22i riders edition

    I have been all over the map on buying a boat but have finally settled on a 2001 22i riders edition. Does not have PP or ballast but does have a new motor with 30 hrs on it. Owner wants $17,500. I have to get used to the fact that with what new ones cost the older ones hold their value a little better now. Interior and fiberglass are in good shape. Wanting some opinions if this is reasonable or if their are better prices out there. Thank you.

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    Pics? I paid $15K for my '99 2100i with 425 hrs on it. Since then I've completely updated the sound system, tower, installing PP over the winter, etc. Sounds like a viable price.


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    Doesn't sound to bad right off hand, but curious about the motor. Any pics or links you can send?

  4. I’ve got a 2000 22i and have loved it for the last 19 years.


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