This forum has been a great place. I bought my first boat in August of 2017. A 2008 Tige Z1 with 44 hours on a new motor. I had a great time with it in 2017 and 2018. My family loves it, everyone is hooked on wakesurfing. So about the boat! I bought it and used it for the short time in 2017. Last winter I replaced steering cable, fuel filter, added 2 batteries(thanks chpthrl), full clean, changed all fluids, and probably a couple small things I am forgetting. We used the hell out of it this summer. Surfed our asses off, I had my first child in July and things slowed down a bit but my brother in law and I still got out quite a bit. We have already been to two boat shows and my wife almost had me convinced on buying a new G23. I know it’s not a Tige but local dealership is a concern for me. I’m in Maryland. I decided so far not to buy the G23 and I am going to make a lot of improvements to the Z over this winter in hopes to keep it in the family for at least a few more years. Here is the list of things to be done this winter then I will post progress pics as I go.

2018-19 winter project list includes

-Removing moldy carpet from entire boat
-Replacing with Eva teak flooring in main floor and all under seat storage will be coated with garage epoxy paint.
- Re wiring battery setup and stereo system
- Adding rgb led to all speakers and cup holders
- Replacing courtesy lights
- new engine dividers with extended storage department
- Adding amp rack with protection from bags entering storage
- Adding 2 Rev 10s
- Retrifitting the Pro 80 canisters with Revo 8s (the pro 80s are dry rotting)
- going to try and replace my 6 in boats with revo 6s ( last on the list)

I hope you guys enjoy my journey this winter. Here are the pics
Having trouble getting pics uploaded I will see what I can do.