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    Hi all, This may be a dumb question but can the front bow fill cushions be removed in a z3 2015? I’m getting it cleaned and ready for storage and there seems to be a lot of water under the cushions.
    Thanks, I just bought the boat and am still learning a lot about it.

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    Yes they can. They are just in there very tight.

  3. Ok, any chance you can give me some direction? Do I pull up from the front or the back of the front cushion?

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    I pull the little nose cushion out first - then start the big piece by pulling the middle up into a slight bend/curve. Then with the front compartment seat backs closed, start on one corner by working it past the vinyl back rests. You can't just "pull it up" real fast - you just have to "work it" past the seat backs....again, its a tight fit.

    The cooler cushion and the windscreen all come out as one big piece of the front "cushion".

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    I pulled the front compartment seat backs off. Also had to remove my speakers as I have the led rings so they stick out a little extra.

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  6. Thanks, so let me ask this, is there any worry if I left them alone and let the water dry up naturally?


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