I decided to make the winterization process quick and easy this year.

1. Fill the container with 5 or so gallons of antifreeze
2. Run on water up to operating temps.
3. Turn on the pump and turn the 2 valves to switch to antifreeze
4. Wait until the exhaust water turns pink (let a gallon or so go unrecycled to be safe) and slide the container under the exhaust to begin recycling.

I ran this on antifreeze for around 8-10 minutes and barely lost a drop. This ensures that the antifreeze got everywhere in the cooling system. I even dumped about 3 gallons of the antifreeze back into the jugs to be used next year. The pump is an old 1100 gph ballast pump I had laying around. The flow rate seemed to work great, at idle it dripped a little from the fake-a-lake but when I reved it up to 1000-1200 RPM's it seemed to drink it all in.