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Thread: Older ballast setup slight mods

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    Older ballast setup slight mods

    I have an ‘08 RZ4. It’s An older fat sac set up with 4 inlet pumps and 4 ballast exhaust pumps. Unbelievably there is no manual shut off at the main water inlet. This seems necessary Incase there is a leak in the system and water needs to be shut off. Any good ideas about what I should use for a shutoff? This is one of the many projects I hope to accomplish this winter. Thanks in advance!

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    Bronze marine ball valve is what I use. The hard part is going to be fitting it right to the barbed mushroom thats in the transom. Thats ideally, where it should be. Having soft parts between the valve and the lake, somewhat defeats its main purpose. Still worth having though, plenty to break/leak down stream.
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