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Thread: Trailer guide on questions

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    Trailer guide on questions

    Hey y'all-

    I want to add something to our trailer to help me get the boat on. We have a '99 21V Riders with original Roadmaster Trailer. I think it used to have post guide ons because I see empty square cutouts on the step-up behind the fenders. What are the pros/cons of vertical post style guide-ons (which I guess serve as more of a visual cue) vs side roller guid-ons vs side bunk board style guide ons? I assume the roller and side bunk style are meant to actually be in contact with the boat but the post guides sit wider than the boat so you can more easily see the back of the trailer under the water when you're loading the boat? Thanks!

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    Round posts with PVC and foam pads over them probably offer the most advantage. If you are bit crooked coming on the trailer they make it so it doest matter. Boat will bump them and straighten out onto bunks if they are positioned correctly. None of the different styles are physically in contact with the boat when boats trailered and cetered on bunks. Carpeted 2x4 bunk guide pads do typically sit very close to the boat though once trailered. I like the round post with the PVC because it rotates on the pole and keeps the boat moving forward onto the trailer.

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    Yep, round PVC capped at the top, so it holds air and floats up, with foam covers and branded (boat brand, trailer, dealer, etc) sleeves is the way to go.
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