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Thread: Winter storage cover?

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    Winter storage cover?

    A few years back, I purchased a winter storage cover from a large online merchant. It was cut to cover a boat with a raised tower or t-top and made from a reinforced polymer waterproof material. I used it as an alternative to shrink wrapping and it lasted a couple of seasons before weathering and wind wore it out. Even at that, it was economical compared to shrink wrapping. Has anyone seen or used such a cover recently?

    There are a few advertised on the said online merchant now but reviews indicate that they aren't completely waterproof.


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    Sewlong was advertising something like you are talking about. Probably not cheap but looks thought out.

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    That is nice for sure. Definitely doesn't look like it is "semi-disposable" like the one I had. I'll give them a call and see if they can convince me to consider the rethink.

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    I have an over-the-tower cover that I use during the summer months. It does a good job keeping the sun off the gelcoat, but it is not totally waterproof. I store my boat indoors in the winter so it has not had to be exposed to our winter elements.

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    That sewlong cover would have been a great option for myself considering my boat sits in my driveway each season and I go through a tarp a season. That being said next year will be the last time I have to do it. My baby will soon get to park inside year round.


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