I have the Wet Sounds HTX-1 Amp that I need to pair with a new subwoofer that I will install under the driver side helm of my 2004 22V. I'm planning on using a free air sub and just cutting a hole in the helm to install. I know a lot of guys are building custom enclosures, but I don't have the skill or time for that unfortunately. I have in-boat Wet Sound 65i Recons (the new brand for the XS-65i), so i'd prefer to get a WS sub to match as opposed to other brands.

The HTX-1 will drive 330 W @ 4 ohms or 650 W @ 2 Ohms. I

Should I get a 4 ohm 10" Revo Sub (300 RMS), or a 2 Ohm 12" Revo (500 RMS)?

Thoughts? Which will be best bang (or thump) for the buck?