Hey guys. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but hopefully you don’t take it personally as my Tige life has been pretty good.

I recently sold my 06 20v which we had a great ride with. Loved everything about it except the size and the fact it was just getting behind the times. I even got it to surf pretty well with the advances in ballast and side wedge technology but ime for a new boat.

A local dealer has a 2018 R23 on special. As you can imagine, they want to get rid of the ‘18s. Seems like a great deal at under $80k. It’s pretty stock w/o many options but does have the Raptor motor, Bimini, and board racks. I think I can add everything else (heater, lights, stereo). I did on my last boat.

Issue is there are other manufactures in the “entry” level arena (moomba mojo, NXT, etc) that have similar offerings but I can’t let go of my Tige bias and I’m don’t expect any different from anyone on this site. However those manufacturers come with a similar price with more options.

So given that, what issues if any should I expect from the r23? We surf and are wakeboarders at heart but surfing is what I am most interested in an obviously getting a great boat at a good price. We will have it for a while.

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