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Thread: New purchase advise r23

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    Freeheel- I think I owe you one! Update on the circulating pump. So both the dealer and I forgot to talk about it's need/install when I took delivery so it and it turns out they forgot to put one in. So to be fair , I wanted to 1st make sure it was a requirement by Indmar/Tige and it turns out it is and Tige does install them on all heater installs. Anyway, Bjornson is stepping up and sending me one which I agreed to install given I'm 2+ hours away from them. It should be an easy install as the pump they use has a harness and switch that connects to fuel circuit. I would much rather just do it and save the drive up to the dealer!

    Anyway- All in all, props to you for pointing it out and to Bjornson for stepping up and making things right. Thanks!!
    No problem. Ive talked to some others around here that have purchased from them and work with them and it seems like they take great care of their customers, and Tige is great about taking care of customers too. Its pretty straight forward. Just be mindful that sometimes you can end up with airlock in the Raptors if you dont have a vacuum setup to fill antifreeze after you add it. Worth running it on the fake a lake and watching temps before just heading to the lake(if it was me). Typically you can watch the temp at the dash and "see" the thermostat open. Will climb up to about 160-162 at idle on the trailer then Tstat opens up and temps should drop back down to about 155. I would be pretty diligent about checking my overflow bottle after the first few outings as well. BTW the antifreeze is a PG antifreeze that you can get from Indmars site or you can get some of this stuff

    I cant confirm but I think it is exactly the same as the stuff Indmar is putting in their branded jugs. Has all the exact same product description word for word (CL3 Inhibitors etc) as their stuff and is dyed the same pink color.
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    All good advise. They did warn me about the air pocket issue so I’ll have to figure that one out or do just what you it.

    I know some cars have bleed valves (screws) on them for this right on the high point of their pumps. Wonder if something like that could be installed?

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