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Thread: Starboard riser hot to the touch

  1. Starboard riser hot to the touch

    I have a 2005 Tige Switch V with a 340 Indmar. I noticed hot temps in the 190-200 range so I switched out the thermostat and impeller. After 5 minutes in the boat with light load the temp was right back to 195 degrees. I lifted the cover and the starboard riser was hot to touch while the other side was just warm. Can I get some diagnosis help and advise? Thanks.

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    If the impeller was not whole when you removed it you'll need to backflush the raw water system and clear any blockages. There's several write ups in the DIY section.
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  3. It was in good shape when I removed it but I’ve only owned the boat for 25 motor hours. I’ll try the back flush.

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    Temp bothers me more then a difference in temp between the risers. Thats normal.
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