Some people light a "bright", others do not. However, dont confuse bright with volume. Those frequencies that tend to annoy our ears, makes us think the volume is loud, when its not. Some of that brightness can also be attributed to the Kicker's .5" "W", where as the Wet Sounds Revo has 1.0" full dome tweeter.

Considering that 6 speakers on a 4chnl head unit that stable to no lower then 4 ohm, means 4 of the speakers were receiving 5-6 watt rms at best.

I feel there is a deeper issue with your system. Ill suggest again, Get with your dealer about checking to see if this boat falls within the service bulletin on the amps. This will prevent a future issue from popping up later, or could be there now, just not detected. next, get the latest and greatest factory tune from Tige. Wet Sounds has been working with Tige to improve the tunes, based on customer feedback.