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Thread: 22ve will not start

  1. 22ve will not start

    Would love some guidance for my 2008 22ve. Bought used 1.5 years ago. 440 hours. Worked great for the first 3 months. Then began having intermittent starting problems. After several attempts usually would start. Sometimes took 1.5 hours of attempts before started. Got to where we just left boat running the whole time on lake. Some days couldn't get started. Sometimes wouldn't start at beginning of day, others at end of day.

    Near end of last summer replaced starter and solenoid. Continued with intermittent starting.

    Then changed ignition switch. Seemed to be the fix. Started with zero problems for the next 6 months.

    Then several weeks ago after being on the lake for several hours it would not start again. This time it will not start regardless of attempts on multiple occasions. I replaced ignition switch again with no difference.

    When it happens, approximately 50% of the time electrical and gauges will come on and 50% no response. After turning the key to start, engine turns (i think) once or twice or none, then sometimes clicking sound from engine and sometimes beeping sound from electrical panel.

    I would love guidance on next step. I am no boat/repair/mechanical expert. That is probably evident from my description above. I am comfortable working through a problem if I have some good guidance. Now that the problem is consistent, it may be best just to take it in to a repair shop if recommended. One consideration is the starter relay based on my forum searches. Unfortunately I have not been able to find where that is on my engine. I attached a picture if that helps. Thanks in advance for any guidance!



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    Two problems are unrelated. Check ALL terminal connections, especially those on the new key switch. I would guess the purple wire on the new key switch is loose.
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    Sounds like this is what we call and no crank condition. Engine does not spin over, but when it does, it fires right it. Is this accurate?

    not sure of the Marine Power also has a starter relay that after the key but before the starter solenoid. Neutral safety switch on trans can also be point of interest. Sounds like its an easy issue to reproduce. This means its going to be easy to trace down. Take a volt meter and probe along the starter circuit from the stater back till you find where the voltage stops.
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