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Thread: 2015 R20 Wakeboard Settings

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    2015 R20 Wakeboard Settings

    I have done a search and found a couple of useful suggestions however as our boats surf so well I have not seen too much on decent wakeboarding setups for the R20 / RZR. I have recently joined a club that links boat owners and riders and (for good reason) I find my boat full during the surf sessions but alas not too many want to ride with me (and I promise it is not my personality) during the wakeboard sessions with them all cramming into the Malibu's and Supra's.

    I have stock hard tanks and have replaced my surf bags with RZ2 bags plus I have over the side sacks and pumps for days. It is no secret that the R20 / RZR hull is weight sensitive and just as an experiment I tried to see if filling up everything would solve the problem so that the people weight did not matter that much and too be frank the wakeboard wake was worse at any Taps setting.

    Has anybody been successful in setting up their R20 / RZR for wakeboarding to get a wake of the kind we all see in the Tige advertising and testing videos? I mean looking at those videos it must be possible. Make no mistake I know I will never get a monster wake out of it but it would be nice to have a clean consistent wake on both sides without everyone having to play musical chairs all the time.

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    I own a 2011 RZ2. Unfortunately, I haven't had a ton of success with getting good wakeboard wakes out of the boat. The best wakes that I get are when the water is very smooth, and I just put in enough ballast to offset the driver (usually just me and my wife). If the water is not relatively smooth, it is difficult to get a consistent wake. My preferred wakeboarding speed is around 20 MPH, and the wale plate should be completely up.


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