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Thread: 2008 22ve Steering Cable replacement

  1. 2008 22ve Steering Cable replacement

    I have a 08 22ve and the steering is super stiff. What cable do I need to order? and has anyone replaced one themselves on this particular boat?

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    I did it on a 2001 21 V 2 times. Teleflex - look at the part number under your steering column- Overtons has them.

    TIP! When removing the old cable, tie a fish tape to it so as you pull it through, you have a way to get the new cable back in easily. Take your time- you'll probably need to cut the old cable- it's high strength stainless steel and it's a bitch to cut. I bought a set of large bolt cutters to do this. you will also need a cresent wrench or open-end wrench that goes to 1 1/4 inches- that bolt on the rudder is a biggie.
    Good luck.


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