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Thread: Need a Trailer for ‘05 22V

  1. Need a Trailer for ‘05 22V

    Just bought an ‘05 22v that came with a destroyed trailer. There aren’t any tige dealers within 300 miles of me. Anybody have any suggestions on how to get a new trailer for this boat? Any help is appreciated.

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    You may just find a trailer lying around but more likely you will have to have one built. Boatmate makes some nice trailers. Where are you located?? From a shipping standpoint it may make sense to get one from someone that builds trailers near you. Boatmate is in TN. Magnum is in TX. VM and CTW are in CA. Cant remember where Ryan trailers are

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    Boatmate- they are about $ 6,000 well equipped- but worth it.

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    was this one out of florida?

  5. Ya i'm in Pensacola Florida

  6. Hi Max, we just lost our ‘04 Tige 22v in a flood. We are looking to sell the trailer that has been garage stored. Our boat was in a boat lift so the only miles on the trailer were to go to the shop and back. Bearings have been greased regularly and tires are in excellent condition. Brand is Dorsey and has hydraulic surge brakes. The trailer is like new and was sold to us by the Ski Doc store in Austin. The trailer is located in Kingsland, TX. No sure if you still need a trailer or here you live. We are looking for $3,000 for the trailer.

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    I am looking for a trailer, is it galvanized or aluminum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJAuster View Post
    I am looking for a trailer, is it galvanized or aluminum?
    Dorsey would be neither. Its a steel tubing trailer that was painted.
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