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Thread: 2004 22v Ballast help

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    keep in mind the nice thing about lead is it comes in 50lb bags that have a nice handle on them and are easy to move around the boat as needed or to take them out .

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt4124 View Post
    The only reason I want to stay away from lead is because I still take my boat out on the Great Lakes and having extra weight isn’t wanted!
    22 footer on Lake Michigan on a windy day.........that's a scary thought without the lead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by topaz surfer View Post
    Depending on how far you want to go you might have to use lead as well because you will run out of room for water ballast. For instance I have a 600lb bag in my bow and 500lb in lead under that bag. Will do Nick
    Spot on. I’m running 1100’s in each rear locker and the 600 lb sack up front and it’s not enough front weight. Borrowed a friend’s 300 lb sack and placed it up front in the aisle and saw a noticeable improvement in my wave. I’m thinking about adding lead to the front as a winter project.

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