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    I have a 2015 Tige Z3. Last summer all of my lower speakers stopped working. The dealer said it was the amp. I have 2 amps. I had a stereo place replace the amp with a Syn 6 that I received from the dealer. This summer it was working fine for about 2 months at which point I noticed all of my lower speakers were not working again. I was told by the dealer it was a know issue with the Syn 6 amp and they gave me a new one to install but a newer version that does not have any dials or switches to tune it. All of the tuning is apparently done with a laptop connected. I unplugged all connections from old amp and plugged them into the new amp which was very simple as they were exactly the same. Problem, no lights on the amp. I removed the thick red power cable from my working amp and plugged it into the new amp. The power cake on the new amp however only 2 of the lower 5 speakers worked. I plugged the red power cable that was t powering my new amp into my working amp, no power. I decided to take the power out of the new amp and put back into my existing working amp as the existing working amp powers my tower speakers and that is better than just 2 lower speakers. Well, now I have no power to either amps and they are definitely plugged in correctly.

    I checked the fuses under the dash and all seemed to be fine. I have noticed on some other boats there are breaker switches, almost like a reset button or switch. Is there something like this for a 20-5 Tige Z3?

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    OK, We need to first diagnose the root issue, which sounds like its a voltage. If you want to this, you are going to need a basic volt ohm meter. Go to a auto parts or home improvement and get one. Sub $30 will get you a decent DIY meter. If you dont want to do this yourself. skip the boat dealer and find a credible mobile audio shop to take it to. The circuit protection for the amps is back at the batteries/main switch.

    Let me know what you want to do.
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