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Thread: How much water is left in your aft ballast bags after emptying?

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    How much water is left in your aft ballast bags after emptying?

    My OEM rear Surf XL bags, and now my upgrades from Mike’s do not empty completely. I have changed the ballast timers now on the larger bags to accommodate the bigger volume of water. The problem is that the pumps are running through the timer duration, but the last 1-2 inches of water in the bag does not get pumped out. With the newer bags that extend up under the seats; it is now a bit troubling to me to have that much water weight left in the boat.
    Any suggestions and feedback is appreciated.

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    Turn on your drain pumps when pulling up the ramp, the slope will help more water get to the drain. 2. Try some of Mikes duckbill check valves.

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    I never was able to get mine empty. Put in check valves. Spending time on the ramp. Every little bit helps for sure but they still had a bit of water in them. Probably about 5-6 gallons each. No big deal but kinda irritating.

    I solved it by taking all the ballast out and doing things other than surfing. My lake life improved dramatically at that point.

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    I set taps at 8, at cruise like 10mph while dumping bags. I can usually get them pretty empty with that. I’ll also hit empty all 1 last time on the ramp to make sure.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. We ran the TAPS up yesterday, shifted everyone to the back and got all but about 1 inch of water out. Did not try pumps at the landing-not sure it this will work as ramp and drive out are not super sloped. Thinking about swapping the connector on an old external ballast bag pump to a quick connect, and using it to remove the last of the water through one of the top valves.(825lb bags upgraded from Mike's Liquid Audio) when trailering or when the boat will be sitting on the trailer. Anyone tried this, and do you think it will work?


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