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Thread: Current set up and want to add another pair of rev 10's

  1. Current set up and want to add another pair of rev 10's

    What's up gents, I got a 2013 rz2. Current set up is T0 15 RF with 1000 RF, syn six bridges to the rev 10 on channels 5/6 with 1-4 on the in boats I believe. I want to know if these are hooked up right for optimal performance and when I add another pair of rev 10's this winter what should be changed to get optimal performance? I also have a syn 2 just sitting in the garage. Should this be implemented anywhere? I'm not against buying a different/better amp if I need to get optimal performance. Thanks gents
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    I would go with a SDX-2 for 2 pair of Rev-10. This frees up the Syn-6 to power all 6 in-boats.
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  3. Awesome. Thank you!


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