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Thread: Gel Coat Repair 2000 21i

  1. Gel Coat Repair 2000 21i

    I will be installing a new tower on my boat to replace the stock one and will need to fill some holes in the Gel-Coat. Any suggestions on the procedures and types of material to use? I would like to match the off-white color if possible. It's a nice boat but its 18 years old so I don't really want to spend the time or money taking it. The boat is 2 hours drive to the closest repair shop. Thanks for any advice.

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    What kind of tower are you getting?

    If you are filling the old tower holes people have used pop up cleats in the old tower mount spots (rear ones). Gel coat repair I can't really help you, I know that I have some to do and expected it to be like a grand but was only US$250. Cant hurt to take some pics and get a quote that way. They will tell its not 100% accurate but will gauge if its worth your time.

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    I like the cleat idea, but you could also put lights there too.


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