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Thread: 2015 trailer frame bent, anyone else?

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    2015 trailer frame bent, anyone else?

    So this pic may not show it very well but there's a wave in the trailer frame, both port and starboard, that peaks above the axels. For lack of a better description, exaggerated it could be described as the shape of an umbrella when viewed from a profile. I noticed it subconsciously when we bought it but finally looked down the frame and was confirmed. It would appear either the hull is not correctly bunked on the trailer OR the previous owners towed the boat with the boat fully ballasted. Anyone else have the same issue?
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    Can't see it in the picture, but lead or not draining the bags could do that. How does it tow? If you feel like it tows okay, I'd say leave it as is. BUT I would get a long straight edge and try to measure the amount of bend. Note that amount for your records and then keep an eye on it. If it bends more than you may want to consider getting it straightened and then reinforced.


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