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Thread: Kicker Tower Speakers (KMTC114 ) and Amp (KXMA8008)

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    Kicker Tower Speakers (KMTC114 ) and Amp (KXMA8008)

    Thinking about upgrading my tower speakers from 2 Icon 8's to four Kicker KMTC114's as I can get a pretty good deal on a set of 4. Also would be replacing the HTX-2 DSP amp with a Kicker KXMA8008. Has anyone ever used either of these? When the motor is running you can't hear the Icon's surfing, even with it cranked way up. Is that normal? Would Rev 10's be that much better?


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    The answer is no, as they are not shipping yet. With that said, the 8 chnl is not the amp you want, you want to use the KXMA1200.2. More power, easier wiring and less cost to boot.

    To take it a little deeper, you could also just add a 2nd pair of icon-8. Doubling the surface area makes a significant difference in output.

    Moving up to the 11" Kicker or the 10" Rev-10 is the same principal. You are going up in driver surface area, not to mention going from a dome tweeter to a horn loaded compression tweeter. This in of itself, is a huge difference in volume.
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