I’m sure some of you guys have encountered this but the fan for my heater broke one side of it was destroyed so I cut the rest of the fins off and super glued the hub because it was split all the way across I should of took a pic but when I start doing something “Focused” anyway lubed the motor put the remaining fan back on make sure you put it back on right direction it works and still blows a good amount of air I couldn’t find the fan anywhere but if it breaks the rest of the way I will order 4 of these and I think it’ll work34FF0F2F-05CD-44FC-B63B-5BB6A3325271.jpgC3604739-AB3D-4C1A-BD71-CEF70EF47E9B.jpg here’s part of the broken half I removed AB2B358D-CFEA-4873-B20A-B46771D3BA0E.jpg