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Thread: Excessive water

  1. Excessive water

    Never had this issue until today, went out on the lake after about 4 hours on the lake the bilge pump couldn’t keep up and at throttle I had water entering thru the floor. Any help on where to start, plug was in, didn’t fill the ballast tanks. It’s a 05 tige 24v

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    Try taking up floor and and middle back seat and check manifold where pumps are. I had this before and manifold was not glued together in one spot. Easy fix.

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  3. Okay I’ll look today, I’m going out in a hour

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    Check for a leaky prop seal. If toast replace.

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    The shaft seal can come loose- it's a compression fitting- 3 hex headed nuts- push in down as tightly as you can get it and reseat the screws. Mine's worked its way loose 2 X in 18 years. I check it every summer now. It will only take on water when you're underway- so diagnosing while sitting in the lake doesn't do you any good.


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