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Thread: Best goofy setup for a 21v?

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    Best goofy setup for a 21v?

    I’ve got the regular side dialed in thanks to this site. What is the best configuration for the goofy side? I have all the sacs I need, was just wondering how to place them. Thanks ahead for your help.

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    I have a 2000 21v. I am not sure of your setup;you might want to give us that info. I am currently running 750 in each locker, 700 up front, and all full nauta curl shaper @10.7 and taps 5.5, acme 1433 prop, with just me and surfer. My goofy wave likes an extra 250 lbs. on the surf side (rear) a slight arc towards the surfer (when driving) the crazy wave is another 250 in the bow surf side (with the 250 in the back). You can drive straight or a small arc away from the surf side (wave will be dirty with inside arc). It is not talked about a lot IMO, but you can help or hurt your wave with how you drive. I did have 400 each locker before 750. Most of the same was true for the 400. Just not the driving. It was all inside arcs. Could never go straight, and arc was a little tighter, speed was a little slower10.3-10.5. True speed GPS. I have a GPS prefect pass. You may have to play with yours if you have a paddle wheel, but this will get you in the ball park. Also, be patient, wait for the for the boat to settle in. Before you say the wave looks bad, try a little more arc or a little less arc. What your arc does.... Your arc will help list the boat. Think of it like this when you make a hard turn at.... let say 20 MPH think how much the boat list over. So when surfing you can use that to help your wave. In the same way you can hurt it. I could go all day on just driving, but to get in the boat and go straight is not where it is at; In a old boat like mine. (Newer boats you can surf tab this, taps 3 that, AVX this). I don't have all that. You have to learn to drive. Make the boat work for you. Not that it is hard, you just need to know that it plays a big part in your wave. It plays a part in new boats also.

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    I have about 800 in each locker and 300 plus up front and couple of people I move around as needed. Usually run 10.5 mph and taps 3. Have a homemade wakeshaper with similar specs as a delta. This has worked well for both goofy/regular.


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