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Thread: RZR Ballast System/Ballast Bag questions

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    RZR Ballast System/Ballast Bag questions

    Buddy recently purchased either and 2013 or 2012 RZR. 1st wakeboat . Anybody know the dimensions of the factory upgraded plug and play bag ?

    He’s not super boat savvy . Long story short , he starboard bag failed , and the local Tige Dealer wants 900 bucks for replacement bag. Looks as though the Tige bags have a custom design port location .

    I am trying to understand how the Tige “plug and play” system works. I don’t have access to pull his floor at the moment , and I am just going by a quick glance. Looks as though the bottom two ports on the bag flow to (2) separate points in the hard tank below. One of the top ports on the bag is a fill and the other top port is a vent. Basically if I understand correctly , the pump is filling into the bag , but the 2 “drain ports” in the bag fill the tank first and once the tank is full it overflows back into the bag. His bag is removed at the moment (because of failure ) and the dealership linked fill hose and the vet hose using a pvc spacer to omit the bag and keep the system running for now.

    They originally bought the boat to wakeboard , but their family has fallen in love with surfing. At 900 bucks for a replacement Tige bag, are there any better /bigger options? The Tige factory fittings were permant with no quick release fitttings which to me is kind of a pain , so have people swapped to bigger aftermarket bags? If so what have you swapped to? If not what is a place to source the bag , becaue their local dealer is a **** show .

    Lastly. I am assuming being an aerator system , there is a check valve on the fill line . I ask becaue his ballast system will “self empty “ while they’re riding. They have to keep the pump on fill or both ear bags will empty. This leading me to believe the check valve has failed on both.

    Any comments/feedback would be much appreciated . I have been around ballast systems since the beginning of time so bit afraid of a little work. Just not familiar with the Tige configuration , and the way they run their ballast stuff.

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    Does sounds as if his boat still has the wedge shaped 350# surf sacs and was built with 1" hose.

    For about $1000, we can upgrade BOTH sacs to 900# sacs, with quick connect fittings.

    Yes, Tige used aerator pumps. I doubt there is a check valve on the fill line, but we have installed many for the passive draining. There is also a chance for some passive draining through the vent and drain lines, once the larger, taller surf sacs are installed.
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