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Thread: Tower speaker options

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    Tower speaker options

    I have 4 of these kicker tower speakers on our 22ve They are 6" kickers in Tige cans. Is there a replacement option speaker that would fit the can and throw louder sound or is it inevitable that an upgrade should just happen. Thoughts appreciated

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    If they are still driven by the original 350.4, you can upgrade the amp wattage for more output. However, they still will not be as efficient at wake range protection as and HLCD.

    There are a couple of possible HLCD options, but slim ones. I cant recall what the pod's ID and OD are. You will need at least and 5" ID and maybe up to a 5-1/8" opening and right at a 7" OD in order to fit something like the Kicker KMS674C
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    Thanks kindly. I will take a measure. Appreciate your expertise.

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    I build a system for my 2006 24 ve way back when wet sounds was just a dream, I think only NVS had starting using HLCD's at that point.

    I have 2 of these on my tower:

    They should fit in your speaker can.

    Then in the other 2 cans you need HLCD's. I used these

    Use this horn for the HLCD:

    You will have to fabricate a mounting plate which isn't hard!

    The sound is really amazing actually. The only other thing I added was crossovers and mounted that next to my amps. I used this crossover:


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