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Thread: Think my V Drive died. Need help.

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    Think my V Drive died. Need help.

    So out on the lake with the family and while underway at about 25-30mph I got a bad vibration then lost speed. I pulled back into neutral then tried to go forward again and nothing. No forward no reverse. Engine running fine and all parameters normal. Dove under boat and the prop was still there and looked fine. Opened up the access panel under the rear seat and had the wife shift between neutral forward and reverse. Linkage moved, sounded like transmission shifted but still no power. Engine just revs. I can move that bell shaped cap sticking out of the v drive up and down and side to side. That doesnt seem right. I am on the boat now being towed in by my buddies pontoon (very embarassing) and if he goes more than a few miles an hour the prop seems to be turning the shaft and that bell shape thing and its vibrating and bouncing around. Any help what this may be would be helpful. Tech at our Marina doesnt know much about these boats (they deal primarily with pontoons and runabouts) but suggested I may have sheared a jetway. Boat is a 2009 RZ2 PCM EX343 VDrive is a PowerPlus 1.48 Thoughts?20180709_172958.jpg1531175499466624843115352190708.jpg

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    The little cap is a breather. Grab a 3/8" open end wrench and pull the little square head plugs and take a look at your oil. You can also get the above described condition when the flex plate cracks and comes unbolted from the flywheel...


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