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Thread: Ballast pumps stopped

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    Ballast pumps stopped

    On the water today and all ballast pumps stopped work. No power, guessing circuit breaker or fuse, right? Pull the boat out of the water and go home, so about two hours later pumps work... for two minutes then all stop. Intermittent doesn’t say breaker or fuse... any other ideas. Do they overheat the circuit or something? The setup is from Mike’s. Of course least convenient time, supposed to be selling boat tomorrow. Thanks for any imput.

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    Is it aerators or impellers? With all pumps stopping, you need to trace back to what they have in common on the B+ and B- supply side. If you have a simple volt/ohm meter, this will make quick work of tracing down the issue.
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    Found it, one the connectors was loose. Thanks.


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