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Thread: Tsunami Fill Pump - losing prime / won't fill

  1. Tsunami Fill Pump - losing prime / won't fill

    Need advice/help,

    2013 RZ2, rear passenger side ballast fill process works about 50% of the time. Ballast seems to lose prime. I have to get everyone off the main deck to lift the hood, remove tsunami cover, let water rise up and overflow tsunami reservoir, replace tsunami cover and restart fill.

    What would cause the tsunami to lose prime like that? Any quick fixes???

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    Well, an aerator technically loses prime every time you take the boat out of the water. With improper pump outlet orientation, the pump will air lock once relaunched. The pump body or outlet needs to be oriented so the air/water can travel through the bump and out the outlet when the boat hits the water. Another issue could be from factory installed check valves in the fill line. Been know to allow left over water to sit on top of the flapper, preventing the air from purging. The trapped air, prevent water from entering the pump.
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