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Thread: 18” wheels on RZX trailer

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    18” wheels on RZX trailer

    Just out of curiosity, how many trailers are running 18” wheels? I had a steel belt separate last weekend, tire expanded in diameter, and jacked the paint on my fender.

    Tire shop tell me it’s dumb to run an 18” on a trailer with a 255/55/18 as you can’t get a trailer or even 10ply auto tire for it. Highest weight rating that we could find was 2271lbs per tire, which is cutting it a little close, if you ask me. Mine came with 18s, my buddy’s G23 cane with a triple axle on 18s which will at least carry the weight.

    Anyone seen that size tire with a better weight rating? Is running 18s common? There must be a bunch of people that would rather look “cool” than run the right tire, unless there’s rubber out there that I’m not seeing..

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    I’ve always ran 18s on every boat I’ve owned, my current boat is a tandem axle 2017 RZX2 and I have 1100 in lead in it and pull it all the time and have never had issues. Personally I don’t listen to the tire shops since boat trailers and boats are in a class of there own. Give boatmate a call and chat them up and they will more than likely be able to tell you if they have had issues in the past.
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    I have 16s on mine and it seems just fine.

    I have noticed that the 18s are coming with Togo tires, maybe they’re a little different.

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    If I have another problem with my 18s, I’ll be switching to 16s, which is what my local tire shop recommended, and which sounds like would have been the right move by, I guess BoatMate, or whoever made the bad call to put 18s on these.

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