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Thread: set up for wake surfing on a 2007 20V

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    set up for wake surfing on a 2007 20V

    I recently bought a 2007 20V and am trying to learn how to best set it up for surfing. I am an old fart, die hard slalom skier who is normally annoyed with people making monster wakes and messing up my flat water, so I feel a little like I am selling my soul to the devil, but you either roll with the times or get left behind. I've read lots about weight here/there, including the bow, which seems counter productive to me - so hopefully someone can give me a clue. Here's what I have to work with - no built in ballast, the boat came with three bags that I can move where needed (not sure about capacity on these but they are good size - basically the size of the lockers in the stern), TAPS 2 system, trim tab in the center of transom. So, where should I put the bags/how much water in each/how should I trim? Everyone is beginner/entry level.

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    Hey jpar, fill the sacks in each locker. Throw the other bag in the bow. Goal is usually 70% rear (wave height) 30% front (wave length) weight.

    Buy or borrow a wake shaper (Mission Delta, Tsunami Wake Gate... etc.) Put it on opposite side as surfer just below the water line after weighting. Taps can be adjusted once you get up to speed (9/10/11mph). These devices deflect the wake from the other side of the boat so it doesn't wash out the wake you want to surf on.

    Let me know what size bags you have. The capacity warning on the boat is legit BUT everyone adds way more weight and is usually OK. Be safe. Start lower and build up with experience.

    Where you at? I'm in Edmonton, Alberta. Private message me for phone #. I have a wakeshaper.

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    Thanks drewdietz. I'm in Utah. Went out yesterday evening but had trouble with the Taps. Blew a fuze, starboard side stuck in the down position. I was having trouble with it at the house but was hoping on the lake under power I could get it right. It was not blowing fuses at home, but the plates were not moving well. Funny thing is the lights on the control lie - they give an indication based on what you've done with the buttons, not where the plate actually is. Will trouble shoot this weekend.

    I'm new to the forum - still looking for the private message button

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    Welcome to the forum, the V is a great boat. I spend a few years dialing the big brother of your boat. After years of testing and working on the boat I settled on the go-surf-assist system. That being said the V could just as easily use a wake shaper to the same result. I would recommend the Nuff Wave System (amazon).

    Here are some of my old settings that should get you surfing listed for now, and then some setting for when you get a wake shaper.

    Listed Wave:
    1000lbs surf side Rear
    As much as you can fit under the seat surf side mid ship.
    300lbs anywhere in the bow, typically the walk thru works best.
    Taps 2 @3-4
    Speed 10.8-11.2 (best guess on the older speedo's)
    Ideally you want the boat rolled over pretty hard to the surf side.

    1000lbs both rear lockers
    400lbs in the bow.
    Taps 2 @5
    Speed 11.4-11.6
    Wake Shaper will have some spray but to much means its not hooking enough water and needs to be deeper on the hull, should just be a light spray off the shaper.

    if you need any help just click my handle name and you can send me a PM if you have any other questions.
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    Thanks Thegerman. I've been trying to figure out my Taps 2/trim system - have another post going on general technical questions. Taps 2 wasn't working - hydraulic fluid issue. I have that going now. Interesting thing is I have a Bennett side tab system that most forum members seem to think is after market/homemade. (I mistakenly thought all three of these tabs were part of the Taps 2 - I'm learning). I still have some tweaking to do on that, but once I get it straightened out I will have tabs on the starboard and port transom to work with the center Taps tab. What will that change in the above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpar View Post
    Interesting thing is I have a Bennett side tab system that most forum members seem to think is after market/homemade. (I mistakenly thought all three of these tabs were part of the Taps 2 - I'm learning).

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    The Bennett's will help list (lean) your boat and you shouldn't need a wakeshaper. Weight your boat in front and back (30%/70%) and cruise around 10mph. List your boat to one side and the wake on the lower side should take a nice shape. I'm curious how the trim tabs work for you since I"m thinking about installing some in mine. Currently I use a wakeshaper, but am getting tired of putting it on and off.


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