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Thread: Taps 2 guage replacement

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    Taps 2 guage replacement

    2004 22v remount my taps switch on the helm and due to a break in wires in the throttle lever. Tab moves up and down fine but guage still not working. Anyone know where to locate a taps 2 guage? If not I had another idea, would a standard trim guage work? Or the bennet trim guage?

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    With a volt/ohm meter to the back of the signal terminal, you should be able to confirm its the gauge or the signal. You can also replicate the full signal range from the ram, making the gauge do a full sweep if its good, or nothing if its bad. Just like a fuel, temp or oil gauge.
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  3. Hey guys, new owner of a 2000 2100V here. :-]

    Our Taps 2 trim lever and tab work fine. Tab goes up and down freely, but the dash dial/gauage does not register the movement...

    Chpthril, any guidance on your testing approach? I have a voltmeter, but what does I need to test?

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    Two green wires at the back of the gauge. Pull one of them off. Check ohm reading from one green wire to the other. Should be 240ohms. If OL the coil inside the actuator is bad or the wire is severed from the actuator to the dash. If 1.1ohms, the wires are crossed somewhere.
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  5. Roger that. Thanks!

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